Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Review- Hearts of Blue by LH Cowsay

Another fine offering from the amazing LH Cosway!! 

Set on the streets of London, this time we're reading the story of Karla ''Snap'' Sheehan and Lee Cross. 

Both of whom we met in the previous book- King of Hearts. 

Karla is a London bobby.....Lee is from the wrong side of the tracks, with no respect for the law. And no matter how she tried Karla just can't seem to stay away from the cheeky, attractive, cockney boy! 

Lee has had a tough life, his Mum passed away when he was just a boy, leaving him with his brothers and young cousin to help take care of, keep them fed, out of the system,  and family is family, he'll do anything to do right by them and keep a roof over their heads......even if that means breaking the law! 

Karla is a tough cookie, raised by parents whom were harsh and unloving, by a chauvanistic father, whom believes a womans place is in the kitchen making dinner and in the home raising the babies.....and although she didn't join the police force to impress her father, she is determined to prove him wrong. 

We saw from the previous book- Lee wanted Karla....at first just to say- that's it I've banged a bobby.....but as time progresses, he wants Karla for Karla, not for the trophy of sleeping with a police officer. 

I did love this book- maybe not as much as the previous 3 in the series, but it was still seriously good! 

It was more of a slow burn as opposed to insta-love, which I did enjoy. 

Sometimes the build up to the relationship, is better than the relationship itself. I loved Lee's cheeky banter, his dedication towards his family. 

Overall a good story......but it feels like LH Cosway is maybe ''Americanising'' herself......is that even a word?? But I think she should stay true to her Irish roots, and write for herself and not for her audience! 

4.5 stars :) 

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