Monday, 14 September 2015

For the love of Emily by Joy Wood- Review

For the Love of Emily- 4 stars!!

A debut novel by Joy Wood

Set in 2 halves, telling the story of Kate/Rebecca, a high class gay prostitute with a big secret........

Kate as I said is a high class hooker, whom only sees women.......While out with one of her best clients, she catches the eye of bachelour Ezzio.......a cunning american businessman who goes through women for fun, easily entertained, but also easily bored.

He wants her, needs her, HAS to have her.

And he soons figures out exactly how..........

So having being bribed with a threat that could destroy the little family she has, Rebecca/Kate has to give in to Ezzios advances and become his until he leaves.

There are secrets, lies, and some bad guys......

There really is only so much I can actually tell you regarding the whole storyline, as I really do not want to ruin this.

For a debut novel- Joy really has done extremely well, she has written a good well told story, with solid characters, sometimes I felt myself skimming odd pages, due to scenes that were possibly a little over described, but that wasnt too often.

I also felt that the book was missing an epilogue- although it ended at a good place, I feel a little like I needed a wrap up.

If this was intentional so that the story can be contined into a second book- I'm unsure?

So overall a great debut!!

***WARNING*** This book contains a lot of sex both MF and FF......if this isn't your thing I suggest you maybe miss this one out

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