Friday, 7 February 2014

Unwanted Stars by Melissa Brown- Review

Unwanted Stars (Love of My Life, #4) 

“Hello, my name is Auden Kelly and I’m dramatic.”

This was my first Melissa Brown book and although this is actually a series you don't have to read the other books to get into the story- so me being impatient I jumped straight into this one without reading the books before. 

Now sometimes when an author claims that you don't have to read the previous book you get lost in the story as it refers to books before it and you sit there all that certainly wasn't the case for this one, it was like a fresh brand new story. 

This book is set out in the style of Auden writing in her diary, a diary given to her by her older brother as she is about to leave the USA and head off to live in the UK for a year. She has a job as a tour guide, on a bus driving throughout Europe. 

It works out well for Auden as she has never felt like she belongs with her family and now her best friend has settled down with a baby and is engaged to her older brother now feels like as good a time as any to head off and see some of the world by herself. 

Now the great thing about this book was when Auden went on tour you felt like you were really there!! She describes the settings perfectly! 

Now while out on this tour she comes across the very handsome Campbell.....a single Doctor from London and falls for him pretty quickly- and who wouldn't he was freaking adorable!! So sweet, romantic, said all the right things.....pretty much perfect. 

Once the tour is over these 2 waste absolutely no time in getting together. 

Now even though Auden and Campbells relationship is a strong story in this book its mainly based around family issues, betrayal and secrets and how they can tear you apart. 

Audens family have held back an enormous secret from her which gets out while she is in London. And this book deals with her feelings, her hatred and her forgiveness. 

It really was amazing.   

And it was also nice to read a book where the wasn't relationship drama around every corner. I think it might have annoyed me had Auden been going through all her troubles and then the author throw a relationship curve ball in there.....but she didn't and it was nice reading about how Campbell was there for her throughout everything. 

Like I said this may have been my first Melissa Brown book but it wont be my last!! 

5 fantastic stars!! 

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