Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Taking something by Elizabeth Lee A Review

Taking Something (Give Me Something, #2) 


 Yes thats right the conning womanising idiot is back and this time with his own book......told entirely in his point of view. 

I went into this story a bit unsure about what I would feel about Nick as I detested him in book 1- Give me something. 

But it really was a very good story. 

It begins with Nick, whom appears to have turned his life around, enjoying his job as a DJ but wanting more. He doesnt just want to play the music, he wants to help create it too.....he wants to produce. And by sheer luck and bare faced cheek ends up as the producer for Sadie Sinclair....the biggest teen pop star around. 

And like Nick.....she doesnt like to be told what to do, she thinks herself a bit of a songwriter too and is refusing to sing the songs that have been picked for her. So enter Nick with his good looks and his skills of manipulation and getting people round to his way of thinking. 

He knows Sadie is attracted to him, so he plays it against her. Decides if he can be with her as her boyfriend that he can pretty much get her to do what he wants, and he'd have it made. Afterall he'd have the hot sexy famous girlfriend, he will be producing the most anticipated album around and get his future made. 

What he doesnt expect though is Gia.......

Sweet assistant to Sadie. Once a teen superstar herself Gia now shuns all the limelight and just wants to work quietly for Sadie. 

But Nick is hooked and he just cant seem to stay away from her...... 

As I said I was a bit wary of this book especially with it being told in all Nicks point of view but I really was pleasantly surprised. 

It was pretty good to actually get into Nicks head, see where the nasty manipulitive thoughts stemmed from, see why he did what he did. Especially to see his real inner most feelings regarding his best friend Lila and his brother Tucker. 

And I have to admit, after a while I felt myself warming to him, he really was just a sweet guy, just trying to protect himself from getting hurt. He'd done it all his life and it just carried on into adult hood. 

My favourite Nick line- "Fuck. I was developing a damn conscious. How in the hell had that happened?"

With excellent supporting characters this book had me gripped. 
Sadie- Gah......what a character. She was mean, nasty, and a liar......pretty much a female version of Nick. But for some reason I want to see more of her. I would love to read a book featuring her story as I think it would be brilliant. 

Overall Elizabeth Lee wrote a fab book, this one and book 1 that grips you from the start and I cant wait to read more of her work!! 

4 stars ****


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