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RockStar Daddy Blitz & Review

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Book Synopsis:
Kendal Moore and Jax Parker met when they were eighteen. Two years later, they're together and very much in love. At the age of twenty Kendal finds out that she is pregnant, she knows she has to make the right choice. Her Boyfriend, Jax is in an up and coming rock band, Decoy. Kendal knows that if she keeps the baby Jax will do right by her and support her all the way. But she loves Jax too much to let him give up on his band and their dream to stardom. So Kendal makes the hard choice to leave Jax, keeping the baby a secret.

Rockstar Daddy takes place four years after Kendal left Jax. Kendal is a hard working mum to three and a half year old Finley and Jax is a huge rock star. Read Rock star Daddy to follow Kendal and Jax's journey. Will Jax and Kendal meet again and will Jax find out he has a son?


My Review 

The jist-

My first thoughts when coming across this book were- ''Oh my.......Look at that cover!!'' Seriously I'd buy a 400 page book if that guys image was on every single page! 

This book crashed right into the story, which I really liked, it was straight to the point- Kendal had just discovered she was pregnant. She was pregnant with Jax's child. Not exactly a bad thing as she knew damn well that he would support her and be there for her and the baby, they loved each other. But that itself was a problem for Kendal. Jax was just about to hit the big time with his band, and she knew that if he stood by her and the baby it would mean giving up on his dreams, quitting the band and getting a regular job which she knew in the end would make Jax unhappy. So she did what she thought was best and let him go. But she did this without telling him he was about to become a Father. 

Fast forward 4 years into the future- the band has made it big time, Kendal is still in the place she was when Jax left, shes a mobile hairdresser and single parent to Finley. She has had boyfriends but none of them made her as happy as Jax did- he was her one that got away. 

But now she is regretting what she did. Shes now realising that what she did- although she thought it was right at the time, was extremely selfish. She's kept Jax away from his little boy, and she has kept a little boy away from his Daddy. 

She needs to tell Jax..........

As this is set in a dual POV we then flip over to Jax- whom has become a bit of a man whore. Sleeping around with faceless women, theyre faceless as even when screwing them all Jax can see is Kendal's face. He is still desperately in love with her. But he wont ask her back as she fed him lies during the breakup stating that she couldnt cope with other women throwing themselves at him. 

He needs a break and he needs to go home, back to where it all began. And luckily enough a chance meeting through a mutual friend has this all setting in motion. 

My thoughts- 

It was ok....not bad, ok, and it was a bit slow at getting to the point. 

It was well towards the end when Jax even found out he had a son. I felt like it should have been dealt with a lot earlier in the book so that we could have felt more of his reaction. Also i wish I had seen more of Kendal and Jax together. i think overall they were only really in each others company maybe 4 or 5 times throughout the whole story. 

To be honest I became a bit overwhelmed by all the supporting characters. Both Jax and Kendal had lots of best friends- I think Kendal had approx 6 and Jax 4, so it was hard trying to remember who was who in the story. 

I thought Kendal was very selfish, she kept a boy away from his Dad, although she thought her reasons were justified, I didnt. It was never her choice to make and she should have let Jax make the decision for himself. Even after his return she had sooooo many chances to tell him that he had a son and it she was just dragging it out. 

Jax was the key character in this book for me. His POV was fantastic. He was so in love with Kendal but its yet to be known if he forgives her for what she has done as this book ends on a major cliffy!! Grrr!! 

But luckily book 2 is already out and I plan to start it soon. 

I give this one 3 stars**** 

 Details for book 2 below- 

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Rockstar Daddy
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Book 2 Links and sypnosis- 

Amazon US
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Rockstars Girl(DECOY #2)
After finding each other after four years, Jax has found out the truth that he's Finley's dad. Even though Jax is angry with Kendal for keeping him away from his son, he still wants Kendal back. In Jax's eyes Kendal has always been his. He will have her back, even if that means having a fight in the middle of a club.

Kendal knows she loves Jax but she doesn't know if she should tell him or not. She doesn't want Finley confused. Jax knows that Kendal loves him and after telling her, he thought Kendal would confess too. Jax knows just the way to get her to admit to her true feelings. Surely getting Kendal hot and sweaty and on the verse of an orgasm will do the trick.

Join Kendal and Jax to see if they can finally be together again. Amongst the paparazzi, concerts and annoying ex partner can they find their happiness? Read Rockstar's Girl to find out.

If you haven't read Rockstar's Daddy you will need to, before you read Rockstar's Girl.

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Author Bio:
K.T. Fisher lives in the UK and loves reading and writing. In her spare time you will find her lost in a book or busy writing about her next hot romance book.  After realizing her long awaited dream can finally come true when she discovered Kindle Publishing she started to bring her men to life in her books for others to enjoy. Now, she not only loves reading about all things erotic but also bringing more book boyfriends to life for other book lovers, just like herself.

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