Thursday, 2 January 2014

All for Maddie by Jettie Woodruff


***Arc received for honest review***

If you are looking for a book that pushes every button.....look no further!! This book made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me cry and made me soooooo angry I could have hurled my kindle at the wall in temper! 

The story begins with a flashback for Whitley- a young naive girl who goes to a house party and unfortunately has her drink spiked and is raped by Alex- a young popular college guy.  Maddie is the result. And even though her little girl is a product of rape- she is her whole world. 

Flash forward to the future- Whit is now 21, Maddie is 3. Living on her Fathers camp-site, with their own little house, while Whit works for her Father making her own living to support her and Maddie. She has never been in touch with Alex

A chance meeting throws Alex back on the scene- and after Whit throws a few choice words at him he decides to basically find out what she meant. 

As soon as Alex sees Maddie he knows that she is his. 

And he wants custody. 

And off he goes, suing for a paternity test, stalking Whit, taking pictures that make her look unfit. Basically doing everything in his power to make Whit look like a terrible parent. The problem being Alex has the things that Whit doesnt have- Money and power to fight. 

But he also has a suggestion......they could all live together and pretend to be a happy family...... 

And the story really progresses from there. 

This book really wound me up at times- 

Alex- he was a horrible person, basically throwing tempers until he got what he wanted or buying what he wanted. 

Maddie- WHAT A BRAT!!!!!!!!! I actually hated this kid. She was actually a carbon copy of her father even though she had spend the first few years of her life without him. 

Whit- She was a nice person but what a fool, she just let everyone walk all over her. Her Father when it came to Maddie, Alex with his demands, even her friends. 

This is a really hard book to rate. 

I was sat there reading it, basically shouting at my kindle "THIS MAN RAPED YOU, AND YOU'RE FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM.......ARE YOU CRAZY" 

But yet I couldn't put it down. I had to see how it went, had to see what crazy Alex was going to pull next, what torture he could inflict on Whit. 

He made her leave her family, he made her sign things, lying saying that they were one thing but yet they were another, he decided who she could be friends with and tried to control her whole life. 

He really was an awful awful person- even at the end in the epilogue where he tried to explain his reasoning for everything he did I still hated him and thought his reasoning was pathetic!  

Sooooo how to rate?? 

Overall story I'd give 3 stars......  
For the fact that I couldn't put the book down 5 stars.....

So I'm going to meet in the middle and give it 4**** 


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