Thursday, 19 December 2013

VIP by M. Robinson


This isn't a love story....but a story about love. 

''In order to know my happiness than you need to know my sadness''


Sooooooo a few days ago I finished a kick ass book that featured as its main characters a high class prostitute Ysabelle and a stuffy posh MARRIED yacht salesman Sebastian..... 

And I cant stop thinking about it!! 

This book starts back right at the beginning....from the childhoods of the 2 main characters. 

Ysabelle- Dragged up by her junkie prostitute mother in the roughest baddest town you can imagine. Forced to see everything her so called ''Mother'' did to earn a living....which wasn't really a living as she didn't feed nor clothe Ysabelle, more often than not she went to bed hungry and return to school the next day wearing the same clothes she had on the day before, even the week before- she was pretty much left from a very young age to fend for herself while her Mum was out selling herself for drugs and drink, even a simple trip to the playground with her Mum was tainted with her Mum abandoning Ysabelle so that she could even sell herself at the park- and then when Ysabelle hit puberty- her Mum saw no problem is selling Ysabelles innocence too, offering her up to the first sleazeball who'd pay for Ysabelles virginity. 

At the young age of 16 Ysabelle feels she can take no more, ups and leaves everything she has ever known. Manages to grab a lift to Miami to begin her new life. After lying about her age, she finds paid under the table employment in a club which comes with a fast new friend and offer of a roof over her head. Things are starting to go Ysabelles way and for the first time in her life- she is happy. 

A few years down the line, Ysabelle comes across Madam.....basically a posh pimp- Who then introduces her to VIP- and then and there Ysabelle the high class escort is born. 

''Don’t you dare feel bad for me. I’m not writing this for you to shed tears. My story goes a whole lot deeper than this, and I definitely don’t want your pity. I adapted. I embraced…….''

Sebastian- The only child born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Born to a doctor Father and a Mother who was a nurse. Brought up in the right neighbourhood, went to the perfect school, and had the perfect upbringing. Along with his best friend Julia, they had an amazing childhood, which was only improved when Julia's parents adopt Olivia......the 2 best friends become the 3 musketeers. 

But there is just something about Olivia that Sebby cant shake, even from a young age he desired her....wanted her....she was his. But there is one big problem.....JULIA.....she loves her Sebby, and he knows it, and being with Olivia will break his Baby girl Julia's heart. 

After circumstances out of his control send him into the arms of Julia- he becomes a happily married man. With Julia by his side and his top job, he feels like he could be the happiest man ever. 

Until he meets Ysabelle.....his Ysa......

And so begins their passionate affair.....

This book was like reading 3 stories in one. 

First you read such a heartbreaking story about a lost little girl who had nobody to love her. Her Mum didn't give 2 hoots if she was safe or not, so long as she was getting her welfare cheque she was happy. A little girl who grew up and realised that she could do anything to a man with her sexual power. She just had to offer a little bit of herself and then the man would fall to his knees and give her anything she desired.A girl who grew into a woman who needed to escape and then become who she was. 

Then there was the story of a poor little rich boy, whom is given everything he wants, he's cool, he's popular, hes has the best friends a guy could ask for, hes good at sports, hes academic.....but when it all comes down to it, he barely has to fight for anything he wants. He settles. He figures it will give him an easier life but all it does it cause heartache. 

And then there is the final story of a man who thinks he is happy falling in love with a prostitute who thinks shes happy. 

From the moment they meet they are drawn to each other. Sebastian is drawn to Ysabelle because she reminds him of his love love Olivia, Ysabelle because she sees the love he has in his eyes, and nobody has ever looked at her in that way. 

But if he wants to see her, he has to pay for it! 

I loved this story! 

The way it began, explaining where everyone came from, what type of background they had. I must admit I was even struggling at one point to even see how these two lovers would even meet given their completely different lives. 

I loved the characters, and there was some fantastic supporting characters too. Devon- Ysabelles best friend. He offered her everything even though she offered little in return. He loved her like a sister and was always so good to her. 

Madam- A say it as she sees it kinda woman- took no crap from anyone, and didn't beat around the bush about anything. 

If there was anything that actually annoyed me about this story- It was Julia!! She was sooooo whiny!! It was always about her! She was barely happy. And it appeared throughout her whole life she was just constantly holding Sebastian back from true happiness. 

I cant wait to see if there is going to be more on this series or if the author is going to bring out something new, either way I'll be buying it! 

4.5 stars! 


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