Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hellion by Elle Casey


I'm not actually too sure what to say about this one.......

Now I didn't actually mind book 1, I didn't OMG love it, but it was a very slow starting but pretty easy read, the perfect way to spend a slow Sunday- I rated it 3.5 stars. 

Now this book is set in Quin's point of view, a story that is supposed to revolve around Mick- AKA- Hellion. 

This is where lies the problem- This book just felt like part 2 of Teagan's story, this story just revolved around Teagan's legal issues regarding her Father and her Step-Mother. And about the fact that Quin has been able to suss out the spreadsheets. 

I really did feel that there was little storyline, I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Quin and Mick to get together and before I knew it I was 70% into the book! 

I actually ended up disliking one of the things I liked most about book 1- Teagan- Quin was there for her throughout everything in book 1 but when Quin needed anything or anyone Teagan was a shitty friend to her and actually came across as quite a selfish bitch. 

There was also a mixed bag of humour. I loved Quin in book 1, she was a fab friend, gave out fantastic advice and came out with some one liners that had me giggling and sometimes howling with laughter. This book tries to re-create that humour. And some of it worked but most of it didn't. I was just sat there thinking the author was just trying too hard to make me laugh. 

Especially when it came to her brother. He was mentally handicapped and the author tried many times to make it funny....but I just found it quite sad. I get that he needed help with things but Quin was just teaching him its OK to call people liars and assholes- this girl is going on about how she wants to get custody of her brother but she cant even look after herself!

As for Mick- He seemed OK, but that's about it. I didn't feel any connection to him. I also don't get why he is called Hellion? He was in a relationship for a year and now he's chasing Quin......not exactly Hellion behaviour.

So now its the end of book 2 and we're now waiting on book 3, which is supposed to be Colin's story- I think he's gonna get it on with the pregnant Alisha that they introduced in this book. 

But I'm guessing instead of reading Colin's story like we expect we'll be reading a lot about Teagans story.....

2.5 stars 


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