Monday, 4 November 2013

Until November Aurora Rose Reynolds

                                                           “When it happens – BOOM!” 

Until November was a cracking short read. 291 pages but since I devoured it in less than a day I'd call it short. 

Based on November who escapes New York to Tennessee after being attacked and no longer feeling safe in the big city. 

Luckily she has a guardian angel, well not so much an angel but a big scary dog that scares away the would be attacker. Who after his bout of bravery becomes her new pet ''Beast''. 

She goes off to Tennessee to go and live and work for her Father, a man she knew very little about when growing up and her evil Mother had pretty much told her all her life that her Father wanted nothing to do with her. 

So off she goes to work at her Dads club which is where she comes across Asher. 

Very big, hot alpha male! 

And he has no problem telling her what to do- Demonstrated at their second meeting where he demanded (not asked) November out to dinner. 

After that first date it all develops very quickly- If not a little too quickly for my taste. 

After the first date (although due to circumstances out of her control) she was staying at his house. 

They were calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. 

It was all very loved up and very very fast. 

But according to Ashers family when you meet the one- you will know it! 

And it was all set up nicely for Tervors story- Ashers brother.  

Overall I'd give this one 4 stars **** as even though I did find it very instalove I struggled to put it down so for that it deserves 4! 

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