Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tragic by JA Huss


Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places 

Where to start with this one! 

Set with a dual POV of both Rook and Ronin-

Rook is a girl out there in the big city alone after escaping a very abusive relationship- She is 19 and totally alone. Brought up in the foster system after her crack head Mother dies. 

She has been falsely accused of stealing from her last job and she lives in a homeless shelter- she really is TRAGIC. 

Despite being sooooo down on her luck and having many many reasons to just give up and let the depression set in, she doesnt. Life is what you make it, and even though she has been dealt a real shitty hand Rook is determined to pull herself back up, get earning some cash and get her life back on track. 

”If I wanted to change my life then I'd have to do it myself. Because no one was coming to protect me, or save me, or heal me. There was just me.”

Down to her last $10.....and what do you do with that last $10? 

You go for a starbucks of course!! 

I alone know that starbucks cures everything! My other half gets sent to Starbucks on every one of my hungover Sundays to get me a frappe! 

So anyway, back to the story-- 

Rook is sitting in Starbucks minding her own when a few models sit on the next table. Loudly chatting she cant help but have a listen. As it happens one of the girls has an appointment with Antoine- but he's an arse so she isnt going to go, flicks the card which hits Rook in the head. 

Fate has literally thrown some luck into the side of her head and into her lap. 

With nothing to lose Rook figures she may as well attend the appointment. 

With her long black hair and beautiful blue eyes she is everything Antoine is looking for and Rook gets the TRAGIC modelling job, along with a beautiful terrace appartment and a job shampooing hair. 

Things are on the up!!

And as luck would have it she has to model with the lovely Ronin- 

Ronin is the model who Rook gets to do the shoot with (His sister is also in a relationship with Antoine). 

He's a nice guy, whom Rook finds insanely attractive. 

He's got his own back story and people who rely on him so he takes off quite a lot leaving Rook in the dark. 
But Ronin has fallen pretty much in love with Rook on sight. 

He wants her to be his. And he doesnt want her to model- he fears that Rook is too fragile and impressionable and will end up lost in the shallow world of modeling. 

Theres a massive build up of chemistry between these two. Behind the camera and when they are alone. 

The biggest issue they seem to have is control- Ronin wants to be in control and Rook wants to be free to make her own choices, decisions and mistakes.  
Overall I considered this book to be a slow starter- but once I hit approx 30% I was hooked. I just couldnt get enough of these two together. 

I loved the conversations, the banter, the nicknames they had for each other and Ronins flirting was brilliant. 
The sexual tension between them was epic and I just kept thinking my god will you two go and do the deed already!

And although there was no cliffhanger the author left lots of unanswered questions- For me the biggest being-

So with Rook on the run from an abusive ex- Was it really a good idea to be part of a national modeling campain? 

Can Ronin accept the woman he loves wants to be a model? 

I'll be onto book 2 soon so I shall find out :) 

4 stars ****



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