Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Education of Sebastian by Jane Harvey-Berrick


“I chose love over law. And I didn't care.”  

Wow......just wow!! 

I actually finished this book a week ago and since up till now I haven't had it in me to write a review. I was still so baffled by the book, its contents and the characters I knew that I needed time to fully digest this amazingly written story. 

I'd had this one sat on my kindle shelves for a while, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to begin, and I cant even give you a good reason as to why? Maybe it was the content, maybe the age gap? I'm not too sure. To be honest I wasn't even too sure why I had even bought it? 

But after meeting the lovely Jane Harvey-Berrick at the London author event, she wowed me, she was lovely and by far the friendliest author in the room and they were all pretty much welcoming but she stood out for me. So on the long journey home from London to back home I decided to give this one a go....

I was not disappointed!! 

As the blurb pretty much states this is a story about forbidden love. 

Written in Carolines point of view this story tells of a young wife of Caroline whom is trapped in a loveless marriage to an older military man. 

Back when she was first married her husband David was stationed in Sebastian's home town where she became friends with the little boy, but the friendship is severed when her husband gets moved around for work. 

A good few years later Caroline and her husband are back Caroline is now 30 years old and the marriage is still just as loveless, if not even worse. Not only is it loveless but David pretty much thinks Caroline is there to be his slave, wash his laundry, cook his meals, keep the house tidy and service her husband sexually. 

After meeting again Sebastian and Caroline become friends and then lovers. 

Sebastian is only 17! And its a felony to sleep with a minor. 

Now I'm not going to go on and on about the storyline as its pretty much as is above. Most of this book is Caroline and Sebastian trying to make their relationship work and how they will make it work when Sebastian turns 18.

The relationship between these 2 forbidden lovers was beautiful- Sebastian loved Caroline so much. But sometimes I did find the things he would say and do childish and then I sat there and thought ''Hang on, he's only 17 and its his first ''real'' relationship. Caroline was also deeply in love with Sebastian but had so much inner turmoil about his age and the fact that what they were doing was illegal. I really felt for Caroline at times. She knew what she was doing was very wrong but she just couldn't stay away. 

There's quite a few references to abuse in this book- For both characters- 
Sebastian- He lived with his alcoholic parents who basically treat him like he had ruined their lives, he worked hard at school, got the grades but still didn't get a break. His Father was especially abusive, not just with his words but with his hands too on several occasions. 

Caroline- Although she worshipped and was worshipped in turn by her Dad, her Mom was a different story, she pretty much married the first man that Caroline met. 

As for David- He wasn't verbally abusive with his hands but the way he treat Caroline was terrible. He made her feel stupid, treat her like nothing more than a maid. He angered me so much!! Urrgghhh 

This book really threw me through a ringer especially the ending. I have book 2 sat ready and waiting on my kindle, I'm just waiting for a time when I feel brave enough to start it :) 

But this book is a full 5 stars from me *****



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