Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Education of Caroline by Jane Harvey-Berrick


“It was as if nothing’s changed, but everything’s changed.” 

“Caro… I don’t understand – why do you love me?”

“Just because… because the sky is blue and the sea is green.” 

I had to talk myself into reading book 2 as book 1 literally broke my heart. I was sat at the end of book one gob hanging open with tears rolling down my face. 

Book 2 takes place 10 years after book 1. Yes 10 bloody years!! 

Set in Caroline's point of view again the book begins with Caroline now a very successful journalist heading abroad to join the marines in Afghanistan. She has just turned 40, has a great job, great friends and is living in the place her and Sebastian always dreamed about.....only she is living this dream without him. 

While over there in her safety training she comes across the older but still very handsome Sebastian. 

To say they are shocked to see each other after 10 years is a massive understatement. 

She tried to find him after the 3 years she promised to stay away- her letters are returned, so figuring he is better off without her she leaves it alone. 

Sebastian doesn't see it that way....he waited for her for 3 years and his heart was broken when she didn't return for him. After everything they planned and everything Caroline promised he feels let down. He's now turned to drink just like his parents, has a reputation as a bit of a male whore...and its always with the older ladies. He's got the rep of a bad soldier who will sleep with anything older than him. 

Eventually everyone she is in safety training with gets their flights and are able to head off to Afghanistan, all except Caroline. There is a problem with her paperwork and until that is sorted she cant do anything but sit tight. 

After a while things settle down between the two and the anger fades enough for them to be able to spend time together. Caroline is stuck anyway and Sebastian has 2 weeks before he is deployed to Afghanistan. So picking up where they left off they decide to head into Italy to see all the places they dreamed of....just as friends...separate rooms....no funny business as Sebastian has changed he is bossy, moody and arrogant....but underneath all that he is still Caro's Sebastian. 

It really was lovely reading about these two finding each other all over again against all the odds and re-discovering their feelings for each other. I cant even say that they fell in love with each other all over again as I don't believe either of these two ever fell out of love. 

"I haven't changed how I feel. I still love you--I've always loved you. It's only ever been you."

I was pretty much swooning for Sebastian throughout the whole of this book. He'd grown into a sexy alpha male who knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it, he was no longer that naive 17 year old boy waiting for Caroline to instruct him and lead him. 

I especially enjoyed reading about the times over in Afghanistan, Jane Harvey-Berrick described it so well I could imagine the scenes perfectly- without them being over described. 

The last third of the book broke my heart all over again. Right down the crack that had only just healed from reading book one.... 

This is the kind of book that will stay with me. Everything this couple went through. The way they loved each other so desperately was so beautiful. 

The characters were fantastic too Caro was a lot stronger than in book 1, she had handled what life threw at her, afterall she had already live through the worst pain possible and there was nothing that she couldnt go through after being forced to live without Sebastian.  

As for Sebastian, I loved how his character had developed from being the boy he was to the man he became. He had issues, but who wouldn't have them after living with his abusive alcoholic parents and being torn from the love of his life. 

“I love you, I have always loved you and… I will always love you. Sempre e per sempre.” 

“I want to have a life with you, Caro, for the rest of my life… Just as long as we’re together. This time, forever.” 

Both these books deserve a big huge fat 5 stars ***** 

I cant believe I left this pair on my kindle unread for so long! 


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  1. Great review. This was one one of my top reads of the year. I adore Sebastian.