Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tease by Missy Johnson


***Arc received for honest review***

Male escort.

That got your attention. 

The blurb for Tease had me so excited, I've only read 1 other story that consisted of a male escort finding love and it was amazing, but this one didn't really do it as much for me. 

The story begins with Liam ''Coop'' Cooper slutting his way for cash through Manhattan. Sleeping with pretty much anyone who will pay what he asks- And he has some very high profile clients- movie stars, Oscar winners, congresswomen- and also he will pretty much do anything-bondage, 3some, power play and fantasies. 

But ''apparantly'' there is a good reason for his choice in career. His Mom. Shes sick. No cure. 
 So in order to keep her in the nice home she lives in and to keep her on the medical trial that may halt her illness he needs to continue having sex with these women in order to fund it. 

Enter Mia, the childhood friend, the one who got away.....

Due to a bad divorce she ends up staying with Coop while he tries to hide his profession all while trying to enter into a relationship with Mia. 

My thoughts on the book were all over the place- I found this one to be a very slow starter. I actually had to put it down for a day and then pick it back up. 

I found Coop difficult to relate to. Here he was spouting off that the only reason he did what he did was to keep his Mom in a good facility and to try keep her on the medical trial- But he came across cocky and arrogant. He bragged to his friends about his job. 

For someone who was doing what they had to do (to pay bills apparently) he seemed to enjoy it quite a lot! 

And there was a lot of sex for him to be enjoying....probably 60% of this book was him having sex for money. 

Mia- What can I say about Mia- Well not a lot actually. We barely saw her!! We know shes nice because shes a nurse, but that's about all!

Coop was too busy having sex with his clients for us to really build up any opinion of her. She just comes by, sweeps Coop off his feet, has a little bit of sex with him, had a little drama, drama got resolved the end!!  

There was no relationship development. I get that they were childhood friends but still people change from being 14 and 15 so I really would have liked to see more between these 2, more getting to know each other, the playful banter, the falling in love. All we got was a little bit of funny flirting. 

At the end of this book I was ready for it to end. Which is very unlike me but I couldn't possibly read anymore about Coop having sex with other people. 

Had the author focused more on the actual couple in this book instead of the clients I probably would have rated it higher but like I said I really didn't feel like I knew our heroine. 

3 disappointed stars from me :( ***



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