Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Seduce by Lexi Buchanan


I am a total sucker for office romances....and this was one hell of a romance. 

The is told in both points of view- Our heroine Lily and our hero Michael. 

Lily has been made redundant from her job (All her fault according to her muppet boyfriend David) so she manages to snap up a good position working as Michael McKenzie's assistant. 

She was employed thinking she was going to be the assistant to an old guy, but its been kept from her that she is going to assist the man at the top. 

Its a coveted role...Michael is one of the McKenzie brothers.....top CEO of his company. 

Day one on the job- Hot guy in the elevator with Lily....well you have to flirt a little don't ya...he's hot, its a big building, she probably wont see much of him again.....WRONG!! 

He's her boss!! And its an attraction they cant seem to deny. 

After this initial meeting things appear to go from 0-100 mph within the space of 10 pages.

I'll admit this is where I struggled with the book a little. 

I get that there was this amazing attraction between the 2 of them, but what I didn't get was the insta-love. I like insta love if its done right, but these two didn't really seem to know very much about each other and they were pretty much having internal conversations in their heads about what they felt for the other. I get insta-love but this was pretty much insta-love on amphetamines!!  

Within a day Lily was thinking of ways to leave her boyfriend of 7 years to be with Michael. 

I get that her fella was a tool and didn't deserve her. He was a cheating scumbag, but at the point of planning to leave him she had no idea that he was a cheating scumbag.... 

Even though I felt that way about the love part, I did like the characters.

Michael was very damaged- his ex had cheated on him repeatedly and therefore he had no trust what so ever for anyone. 

And there was a lot of sex.....once these two got going there was no stopping them! 

But this was where I struggled a little bit with Lily....she was pretty timid, only having ever had one lover in David and she states- ''I don't have sex with David, he has it with me'' but then she's a little vixen in the bedroom. She goes from missionary once a week to knowing all these moves...it was just a little hard to believe. 

But for me these 2 were left in the background compared to Michael's brothers- They totally showed them both up with big personalities and cracking back story lines, which appear to be the following books. 

Sebastian- He was so funny with his flirting, trying to wind Michael up constantly. He appears to be the wild McKenzie, always in the papers, picking up girls left right and centre and never calling them back. Book 2 seems to be about Sebastian and another brother Ramon (Who you actually didn't see too much of,but he appears a bit of a dark horse)

Lucian- Damaged scarred Lucian- I am dying to know more about this complex man. And all goodreads says about book 3 is coming soon. So I hope its about him. 

Overall not a bad book but it was saved by supporting characters. 

3.5 stars 


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