Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rebel by Elle Casey


Rebel was for me a book filled with sexual chemistry, a hot boss and a little bit of a mystery. 

The story begins with Teagan a bit of a spoilt little rich girl experiencing real life with a big old bang. 
Her Father has passed away suddenly and all at once she is left with nothing (well not exactly nothing she gets a trust fund that she cant touch till she is 30 and as she is only 22 thats a long time to wait). Its all gone to her step mother who she cant ask for anything. 

So she has to enter the real world, find a job and an apartment ASAP as although school has been paid for she also needs to live. 

She is really down on her luck job wise and as a last resort enters Rebels autobody shop. 

And he is a grumpy ignorant hotty!! 

I think Teagan said it best with this quote- 

Life is so unfair. Why can't he be fat and ugly? Hairy? Covered in warts? At least have a pancake butt or moobs for shits sake. 

So after pretty much forcing herself into Rebels workplace she finds herself a real shitty apartment waiting for her new life to begin. 

But things dont go so smoothly and Teagan pretty much ends up forcing herself into Rebels life too after her appartment is broken into and weird people are happening to her, especially with the mystery surrounding her father death. 

When I first started reading this one it was quirky and funny but after a while the humor died a little for me and it felt like it was trying too hard to make me laugh. 

Also the relationship development felt very slow and then once they were together it felt a little rushed. 

But I loved all the characters- 

Teagan was a good heroine. She was down on her luck but just kept poweinging through, sure there was a bit of wallowing but I'll let her off her father had just died- but it wasnt a bad kind of wallowing, it felt realistic and added to her character. 

Rebel- Annoyed the hell out of me at the beginning with his brooding silences, but after a while you start to see him for what he is, a man of very few but all the right words. 

Quin- Teagans best friend and pretty much her life coach- She was the funnier of the 2 girls, some of her views on life were hillarious. 

Rat- Cheeky lil teenager from Teagans appartment building, always willing to lend Teagan a hand and help her when she needed him (probably fancied the pants off her) 

And then there was Rebels 2 brother- Didnt really go into much about them but with both their books due to be realeased soon I expect they're both going to be interesting.  

I would rate this one a 3.5 stars- even though I did like this one I felt it was too slow starting, for me the story didnt pick up till about 40ish % 

Also I have taken into account that a massive part of Teagans story has been left open. I would have like to have seen Teagan and Rebels story finished off in their book and not going onto Micks (Hellions) story as I thought he was too big of a character to be sharing stories. 

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