Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Diamond Girl by Andrea Smith


This was my first Andrea Smith book and I'm pretty sure this wont be my last! 

I couldn't put this book down! 

Told in Samantha's point of view. 

Samantha has nothing left for herself, her only daughter has gone to college, her husband Jack is never home, she doesn't have any hobbies. She realises she is a dull frumpy housewife at the age of 35!! And nobody wants to be old and frumpy at the age of 35!! And to top it off she's pretty sure her hubby is having an affair with his administrative assistant Suzanne, who is only a few years younger than her, but still- she isn't sat at home doing nothing. 

So its time to get a hobby. 

After her husbands snide comment about her weight, she decides to get fit. Enrolling in kick boxing and a few more keep fit classes, Sammy loses the weight, tones up and ends up with a hot little bod. That of a 25 year old. Its then that she gets roped into pole dancing lessons- she has got the moves so why the hell not! But Jack doesn't even notice! 

Eventually realising that even after all the classes are done, she is still home alone so ends up taking a job at Jewels strip club. 

Which is where she meets Slate....hot biker!  Doesn't want a relationship, but he does want to fuck her, regularly....he texts, she arrives, they fuck.....often and then she leaves! 

Now I cant actually go into much more of this book as there were so many twists and turns by saying anything else it will ruin the whole story for you. 

Also- Do not read the blurb for book 2 like I did- Massive spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But this story really did it for me, there was a fab heroine in Sammy- she was funny, strong, didn't let her ass husband get her down. 

And he really was an ass!! I hated him! I believe one of my goodreads status updates even at 15% were along the lines of him being rammed up the arse with a rusty screwdriver!! He was an awful man. Who when the story really gets going you realise he basically took advantage of Sammy on the night he got her pregnant. 

I really like Slate too, hot male, alpha just how I like them! 

Overall I'd give this one 4.5 stars :) 


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