Monday, 18 November 2013

Back to Reality- Danielle Allen


 ***Arc received for honest review***

 You know you've read a good book when you sit back, your emotions are running wild and you cant stop thinking about the characters you've just finished reading about! 

That's exactly what Danielle Allen did to me with this story! 

Picking up pretty much where back to life left off, Ty is in the hospital after his accident and Manny is following Sahara round like a little lost puppy waiting for any part of herself she throws at him. 

In the end after basically being dismissed by Ty Sahara does what she does best.....runs away cutting off contact everyone except Emily. 

She starts a new job, moves to a new house and begins therapy. 

But its all still playing on her mind, still the nightmares and panic attacks haunt her. So off she pops back to her old life to go make amends for the damage she has caused and try and repair the relationships she has damaged. 

And this is where it all begins all over again...............

Ty doesn't want to be with Sahara anymore- so she goes back to Manny.....

Manny cant be with Sahara so she goes back to Ty....... 

And its just one big vicious circle. 

In the end I found it very difficult to feel sorry for Sahara any more. She was a victim of her own making. After a while I was beginning to think she loved being depressed due to the attention it gave her from the 2 guys and her friend. 

Its quite difficult to review this book with out giving away the ending especially given my feelings towards the 2 male characters. I loved one I hated the other. So I wont comment on what I thought otherwise it will be pretty obvious whom she ends up with in the end!

When in truth I was hoping both of them would come to their senses and make it so neither of them wanted her!

For me book 2 was far more superior to book 1.

This was a full 5 stars! *****

And I cant wait to check out more of Danielle's work :)



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