Thursday, 14 November 2013

Back to life by Danielle Allen


"Tyree Barker was my present, And Emanuel Mills is my unresolved past."

***ARC received by author for honest review*** 

Back to life starts with a great big bang! 
I literally thought I'd spend 10 mins having a quick read before I settle down and watch some T.V- 3 hours later I was still reading and my T.V still hadn'd been turned on. 

The prologue gripped me right from the beginning. 

This book tells the story of Sahara- told entirely in her POV. 

Sahara and her friends were in a bad car accident, but even though she wasnt driving, she feels its all her fault. She has spend the last 10 years basically working from dusk till dawn, isolating herself from everyone who loves her and anyone who wants to get to know her. 

The way she looks at it- she destroyed the people she cares about so in turn she doesnt deserve to be happy. 

One day after a bad nights sleep she decides to go hit the gym in an effort to tire herself out so completely sleep will come easy- and thats where she meets Tyree ''Ty'' Barker- AKA- The game changer! 

He has just moved into her building- and she wants to know more about him- but she wont allow herself, afterall this could lead to happiness and Sahara doesnt deserve it. But luckily Ty wants to know more too. 

He firmly deposits himself right into Saharas life- eating dinners together, watching movies, days out to the art gallery until Sahara realises he is it for her.

But legal complications mean that Sahara has to go back to her home town- back to where the accident was, back to her best friend Emily whom she has had little to do with since the accident, and back to her old love Emanuel. Although they never had a relationship Sahara has been in love with him forever. 

And now he wants her- 

I quite liked Sahara- she was very damaged. She had little self confidence, she knew she looked good, but she also thought she was a bad person causing pain to whoever she cared about. And she also sounds like the kind of girl I wanna share clothes with!! 

Ty- Oh I loved him. He was sweet, sexy, intelligent, loving, caring....the list of atributes that Ty posseses could go on forever! He was so good for Sahara really bringing her out of her shell, and making her realise she deserved to be loved. 

But he has a secret- A biggy too!  

Then there is Emanuel I actually didnt like him, maybe I didnt know enough about him or maybe it was that he was trying to get with Sahara which then meant that she'd have to end things with Ty. He wants Sahara, but he is lying to her about his life. If Sahara wants him back then he'll change his life, but if she doesnt want him, he'll continue as is. He wasnt willing to make that big gesture to prove his love, so I remained unconvinced.

He states he is in love with her and has been for the last 10 years. But I think I found it hard to believe as Sahara was a totally different person, the accident changed that. He was in love with the Sahara who left town 10 years ago pre accident, the Sahara who returned was nowhere near the same person who left. 

I really enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the storyline (I love a good love triangle) but I hated the cliffhanger- luckily Danielle has sent me an ARC of book 2 also so I can get straight back to Ty. 

The little twist in the middle with Ty- I'll admit I saw that coming so I wasnt surprised but it didnt take anything away from my enjoyment of the story. It was a well thought out book, with a good plot and great characters. 

Sometimes I felt like the book was padded out with desciptions though. I like it when surroundings are described but this one felt a little over described- I found myself just skimming these parts.

I'd give this one 4 stars****



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