Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Temporary Bliss by BJ Harvey

Wow oh Wow 

Daniel oh Daniel......

My Daniel- 

david gandy photo:  azzurro3.jpg

I loved this book. 

I literally walked in from work and wouldn't put it down till I finished it. 

In a nutshell Mac (Our girl) was treat like shit by the ex and made herself a vow now to let her life be controlled by a man ever again, so she had a fuck buddy relationship with 3 very different men. 

A chance encounter with Daniel he knocks her on her ass, a man who is funny, interesting, sexy as hell phhwoar!! 

The whole story just basically revolves around her commitment phobia so I wont ramble on but man that Daniel has some swoon worthy lines. 

As her her bessie mate, her book is the next one and I cant wait!!

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