Wednesday, 30 October 2013

April Showers by Karli Perrin

***Arc received from author in exchange for honest review***


Love Love Love but my god what a cliffhanger!! 

Fantastic debut novel by Karli Perrin. She managed to do what even some of the most experienced writers fail to do....make believable characters :) 

April has just started at Manchester Uni when she quite literally runs into the hot and very sexy Isaac. 

They connect on both a physical and emotional level, but as luck would have it he's one of her tutors at Uni...therefore forbidden. 

But he's not the kind of guy to give up easily. 

Enter Lukas very nice cute sweet guy who April makes friends with and sees as potential boyfriend material...he's nice sweet but theres just no passion! 

April tries her best to move on but Isaac just wont get out of her head or her dreams. 

Turns out Lukas is hiding a big fat secret of his own too!! naughty naughty Lukas!! 

I loved the conversations that went on between April and Isaac, very funny witty and kept me reading on and on-well until I was forced to go to work, and then I got it back out in my dinner break!

As for that cliffy, that just flew in out of nowhere, I have my suspicions but I guess I'll just have to wait till book 2 comes out. 

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